Moments Cleaning Services

Patio Cleaning

We are also experienced patio cleaners who are fully equipped with modern jet washing machines. When we arrive at your property we ensure there's proper drainage and will require access to running water.

  • You'll meet our friendly team and confirm the area and the price of clean.
  • Our equipment will be connected to an external tap, or one in your kitchen or bathroom if required.
  • We'll then jet wash the surface in question
  • The power of the machines we use is great at removing moss, dirt and grime from almost any exterior surface.
  • Sometimes an alternative solution using specialist detergents will be recommended to you.
**Please be advised that due the nature of the cleaning this may also wash away the original materials used i.e sand in the process. If you like we can also carry out the Pointing for you which will be approximately £5.00 per sand bang plus Labour costs this can be agreed upon your request.**