Moments Cleaning Services

Oven Cleaning

Our cleaners work to a tried and tested system to ensure that they get your oven as clean as it can be.

  • We start by inspecting the oven noting any problem areas before we start.
  • We then dismantle; removing trays, racks, panels, control knobs, fans, extraction filters and anything else that can be removed
  • We place all removed parts into a dip tank filled with a gentle but powerful cleaning solution.
  • We clean the main body of the oven manually, scraping residual grease, dirt, grime and burnt-on carbon.
  • Next we clean the soaked removable parts - this is easy as most of the dirt will have been lifted by the dip tank solvents.
  • We put the oven back together, polish it and inspect it to ensure that all is as it should be.